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Your journey to health begins with support, humor, and results.

There’s nothing better than helping someone become the happier, healthier, more energetic version of themselves! Improving your health, transitioning you from the victim of a diagnosis to a feeling of being in charge of your own wellness, and bringing hope of a happier, fulfilled life – this is what I do as a Holistic Practitioner. I LOVE MY JOB!

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Take Charge of Your Wellness

With expert health coaching, Wendy Place will help you change your life. Supplements, coaching, and herbal remedies are key to your success.


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Love Your Heart

The new year is in full swing and flying by.  Are you taking time to achieve your New Year’s resolutions? We might start with good intentions but slowly the motivation wanes.WOMEN, don’t let that

Nutritional and Herbal Supplements

Supplements that heal, grow, and strengthen your body.