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My Coach Place prefers to source our products from Solle Naturals®, doTerra, Nature’s Sunshine, and Standard Process, all natural supplement brands. My Coach Place works with extensively researched supplements to give you a happier, healthier life. Wendy Place will help craft a regimen of supplements to help you live the best version of your life. We make sure the supplements and essential oils we recommend are tested (including chromatography and mass spectrometry) for purity, quality and efficacy.

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Each product is designed to support mental health: Stress/Anxiety/Depression/Fogginess/Memory

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“I’m down to a size 12 with room to spare in my waist, from a very tight size 14[…] that I was in three weeks ago, and I have built a lot of muscle and toned up a WHOLE lot.”


Once I directed my focus to taking care of myself I noticed my self esteem improved and losing weight seemed attainable. Wendy helped pin point different aspects of my life that were limiting me from attaining my full potential. Once I eliminated the road blocks I was able to feel confident with myself and get closer to my goal of losing weight. “


“Tuesday night, my friend had an asthma attack. I gave her a peppermint oil beadlet and had her inhale my Lift oil. About a minute in, she started getting better. We kept inhaling the Lift oil for two minutes, and her breathing stopped. She was fine for two hours after that! I love having a bag of tricks!”

Wendy Place, My Coach Place

“One-on-one coaching makes the difference between a diet that will eventually fail and a new, healthier mindset. Wendy helped pin point different aspects of my life that were limiting me from attaining my full potential.”