Solle Fastract



Life can have a way of slowing you down. When that happens, you may need to get on the FasTract™. Solle FasTract™ is a unique, encapsulated herbal formula designed to keep things moving through the intestinal tract.

Lifestyle and diet choices can often lead to a sluggish bowel. FasTract™ is a colon activator that will stimulate peristalsis, but it is also a blend of soothing ingredients like aloe vera so it works gently and won’t cramp your style. FasTract™ combines cascara sagrada with Solle’s Multiphyllin™ prime chlorophyll blend, two types of aloe vera (whole leaf and inner leaf ) and the revered adaptogen, holy basil.

Consistent with Solle’s mind body philosophy, this one-of-a-kind plant-sourced product promotes lower bowel health while it elevates your mood.


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