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Let’s Get Started

You are a warrior! Your pain, your energy, your size, your health is YOUR fight. In this story, you get to be the hero. Let’s write this next chapter together!

I’m Ready to Be the Hero!

Ionic Foot Detox …$40

Ionic foot bath helps to balance PH, remove toxins and other impurities in your body through the soles of your feet. An “array” is placed in the saline water which produces a frequency of positive and negative ions, which resonates through the body, stimulating your cells and removing impurities. Most report feeling more clear headed with increased energy and a deeper night’s sleep.

I’m Ready to Detox!

Reflexology … $25-$50

30 min Foot Reflexology $25
60 min Foot & Hand Reflexology $50

  • $10 off when added onto to Ionic foot treatment
  • $10 extra when paired with Essential Oil treatment

Experience the calm that washes over you body when gentle pressure is applied to reflex points which naturally stimulate​s​ corresponding ​organs​ of your body. ​Treatments are designed to stimulate the circulatory, lymphatic, and immune systems as well as aid with anxiety, depression and PTSD.

I Need Reflexology!

Wellness Assessment … $65

  • 30 minute one-on-one appointment
  • 3 ten minute follow up phone calls/texts
  • Acute symptoms immediately addressed
  • Pinpoint underlying systems needing support
  • Identify mental/physical/emotional hurdles
Get Assessed

Tune Up Package …$225 per month or $579 pre-pay

  • 3 month program
  • Initial assessment and goal strategy session
  • Two 30-minute sessions per month
  • Unlimited texting support
  • Discounts on complementary supporting services
Tune Up Time!

Weight Loss Package …$389 per month of $997 pre-pay

  • 3 month program
  • Initial assessment and goal strategy
  • 2 fitness evaluations
  • Customized nutrition package to keep you on track
  • Daily exercise assignments
  • Two 30-minute sessions per month
  • Unlimited texting support
  • Discounts on complementary supporting services
I’m Ready to Lose Weight!

Custom Aromatherapy Blend …Price varies based on size and ingredients

Blend for Me!

“Our German Shorthaired Pointer, Etta, has anxiety issues and is also terrified of fireworks.  Each 4th of July, she pants, paces, and trembles.  It is so sad!!  We have tried every product you could imagine — from natural anxiety relievers (pills & drops) to comfy shirts.  We have spent hundreds of dollars on products and nothing has worked.  […]  As a final ditch effort, I reached out to Wendy to see if she had a specific blend of her oils that is safe for dogs and works.  Sure enough she delivered!  We have had such great success with this blend for car rides and to ease separation anxiety.  […] Not only did Etta calm down within a few minutes of applying the oil, she also did not pace, pant, or tremble the rest of the evening!  I am hooked, and will continue to use this all-natural product to help my pup!  Thanks, Wendy!”

Breanne S.

“I’m down to a size 12 with room to spare in my waist, from a very tight size 14, that I was in three weeks ago, and I have built a lot of muscle and toned up a WHOLE lot.”


“Tuesday night, my friend had an asthma attack. I gave her a peppermint oil beadlet and had her inhale my Lift oil. About a minute in, she started getting better. We kept inhaling the Lift oil for two minutes, and her breathing stopped. She was fine for two hours after that! I love having a bag of tricks!”

Wendy Place, My Coach Place

“One-on-one coaching makes the difference between a diet that will eventually fail and a new, healthier mindset. Wendy helped pin point different aspects of my life that were limiting me from attaining my full potential.”