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Ask Your Body What It Needs

  • Determine your body’s primary stressors
  • Find out what’s behind the symptom or diagnosis
  • Customize your health plan
  • Save time and money
  • Restore optimal health
I’m Ready to Listen to My Body!

How Does It Work?

Zyto technology uses galvanic skin response, the same technology as a lie detector test. The hand cradle measures the stress response to stimuli but instead of questions as stimuli, the hand cradle provides electro magnetic impulses which correspond to organs, chemicals, hormones, foods, emotions, etc. The program analyzes body responses providing a detailed report of what caused the highest stress response. This is similar to applied kinesiology (or muscle testing) but it’s MUCH more accurate and MUCH more thorough.

The reports are excellent for understanding potential causes of symptoms, assisting with disease prevention and further guidance in a healthier lifestyle. Clients are amazed at the accuracy of the report and appreciate seeing the areas on which to focus.

The threefold ZYTO approach: 1) It outputs tiny electrical currents between the EAV (Electro-Acupuncture-Voll) points on your fingers 2) It measures the amount of electrical resistance or impedance between these points on the fingers and establishes a baseline 3) The hardware outputs various frequencies and measures changes in the above mentioned electrical resistance in response to those frequencies.

Personalized Recommendations: The final scan runs energetic evaluations of hundreds of vitamin, mineral, herbal nutritional supplements and non-nutritional therapies such as chiropractic, acupuncture, ionic foot detox, magnet therapy, etc. to determine which ones balance or strengthen the body and recommends those which test the highest.


    • Balance 5.0+ SCAN
    • Advanced Scan
    • Food for Wellness (Sensitivity Scan)


  • The Food Sensitivity Report gives a breakdown of the body’s response to nearly 500 foods
  • It also provides food related stressors – such as chemicals, pesticides, water contaminants, endocrine disruptors, etc.
  • Clients love this report because it is designed to help them know what TO eat, not just what to avoid


  • Contains everything the Balance 5.0+ scan provides but this is more in-depth
  • Instead of scanning for 172 items it scans for 350+ items
  • We can specifically request in-depth scans for heavy metals, parasites, chemicals, etc.
  • Contains scans for neurotransmitter stressors

What type of information do the reports contain?

  • Four core systems and six lifestyle areas broken down in this report by what is causing the most stress in that particular area
  • Four core systems are Detoxifiction, Gastrointestinal, Hormone/Endocrine & Immune
  • Six lifestyle ares are Diet/Nutrition, Hydration, Inflammation, Mental/Emotional, Sleep & Toxic Stress

STRESSORS: What is causing the most stress to your system

  • Common stressors: Liver, Toxic Stress, Lymph Nodes, Chemicals, Emotions, Water Contaminants, Viruses, Heavy Metals, Respiratory System, Lymphatic System, Mycotoxins, Digestive enzymes, etc.
  • Each stressor has a numerical value  so we can focus on the highest stressors to the body
  • Additional reports include stress responses for organs, teeth, vertebrae and meridians

BALANCERS: Which therapies pair best with your body? Which supplements, oils, and nutrition help bring your body back to neutral?

  • The report suggests “Balancers”; specific nutritional products that tested positively
  • By allowing us to choose the “Balancers” we can narrow the report down to what a client already has in their home (i.e. Essential oils, Bach flower remedies, Herbs and/or specific brands)


  • SAVES MONEY: Clients don’t waste money on products that aren’t specific to their body’s needs
  • SAVES TIME: Clients feel better quickly instead of “this can take up to three months to see if it’s working” because the recommended protocol is based on what your body is telling us
  • PERSONALIZED PROTOCOL: By comparing “Balancers” to “Stressors” we can deduce even more information about what’s going on in the body – although not a diagnosis – a very effective tool in creating a protocol which delivers quick results
  • SUPPORTING THERAPIES: The list of non-nutritional therapies is specifically helpful for clients to know which other methods to implement in their healing journey. Therapies include pilates, float tank, acupuncture, ionic foot detox, dry brushing, meditation, music or art therapy, etc.


CLIENT: 13 year old male complaining of headaches and nausea for months. Wasn’t able to last a full day at school for weeks. Was already taking probiotics and full spectrum protease.

RESULT: Within 3 days stomach issues subsided. Headaches are sporadic and much improved. Immediately was able to last through full days of school.


CLIENT: 27 year old female with PCOS. Was unable to get pregnant for four years and was in considerable amount of pain every month. She was resistant to taking supplements but agreed to the following . . .

RESULT: Within 5 weeks she was pregnant and is doing well.


CLIENT: 50 year old female. Came in wanting a Food for Wellness scan because she was coming out of a cycle of chronic fatigue wanting to avoid foods which might trigger another cycle.


These reports are only a portion of the full report. If you would like to see more detail, please contact me.